Which out-of-home advertisements are most effective?
August 7th, 2020, YouGov

Which out-of-home advertisements are most effective?

YouGov Profiles shows that ads placed on buses and billboards are noticed most frequently

Even with some elements of lockdown still in effect, and certain areas under stricter rules, the average Briton is still spending time outside the home.

Approaching half (45%) of Britons say they have spent up to four hours each week travelling for various reasons (work, leisure etc) in the last 28 days.


Over a third (36%) have spent more than four hours travelling outside the home, with 15% spending up to 6 hours, and 8% travelling for up to 9 hours each week.

But which types of out-of-home (OOH) advertising are noticed most frequently?

YouGov Profiles reveals that adverts placed on the exterior of buses are noticed most frequently by Brits – with 48% of adults saying they see at least one of these types of ad a week. Only one in ten Brits (10%) said they never see ads on buses.

Billboards come second, with 42% of Brits seeing at least one advertising billboard on a weekly basis.


Following buses and billboards, ads placed on other vehicles are seen by a significant of Brits on a weekly basis with 25% saying they seeing adverts on taxis weekly, compared to 21% and 20% who report seeing ads on lorries or trucks.

Despite the rise of the smartphone, a fifth (20%) of Brits still notice ads on the sides of phone boxes on a weekly basis.

The least noticed ads come in the form of those inside service stations and insides of taxies, with only 9% and 8% of Brits respectively seeing these weekly. Ads placed inside taxis are the most likely to go unseen, with 39% of Brits never seeing them.

Despite more Brits saying they see adverts on buses more frequently, the most attention grabbing form of OOH are billboards (11%).


Bus-based OOH adverts are the second most attention form of OOH however with 10% of Brits saying this form of advertising is most likely to grab their attention.

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