Should the MLB season be postponed again?
July 28th, 2020, Graeme Bruce

Should the MLB season be postponed again?

In the wake of a COVID-19 outbreak among players and staff of the Miami Marlins, most Americans interested in Major league Baseball say the season should be postponed entirely.

According to a YouGov snap poll of 1,000 Americans who are interested in the MLB, 56 percent say they should postpone the season, while roughly a third (35%) say the league shouldn’t. About one in 11 (9%) surveyed aren’t sure.

Just four days into its 60-game abbreviated season, the league called off three games after at least 17 players and coaches for the Miami Marlins tested positive for the coronavirus, putting the fate of the season into question. Two games between the Marlins and Baltimore Orioles were postponed as well as the Monday night matchup between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees.

"We built the protocols to allow us to continue to play,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said on Monday July 27. “That's why we have the expanded rosters. That's why we have the pool of additional players. And we think we can keep people safe and continue to play."

Marlins CEO Derek Jeter said, “Postponing tonight's home opener was the correct decision to ensure we take a collective pause and try to properly grasp the totality of this situation. "

The MLB is the first of the major sports leagues to resume play during the pandemic. The National Hockey League is set to begin play Aug 1.

Methodology: Data is based on 1,000 interviews with YouGov Direct panelists who said they are a little bit interested in the MLB, “somewhat interested” in the MLB or said the MLB “is one of my TOP interests.” Interviews were conducted through the YouGov Direct app on July 28, 2020 between 10:50 a.m. and 12:46 p.m. EDT. The margin of error is ±3.8%

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