Teenage Brits’ attitudes to climate change
December 18th, 2019, YouGov

Teenage Brits’ attitudes to climate change

Is the environment/ climate change a priority for British teenagers? Do teenagers want more control over what they eat?

Eating Better commissioned YouGov to find out if eating habits were changing amongst teenagers in response to growing concerns around the impact of meat on climate change.

YouGov reached a robust sample of children and young adults aged 11 to 18 years old, using its Children’s Omnibus service. The project included a nationally representative sample of 959 children aged 11-18 who were reached through their parents.

Eating better published the findings, which gained coverage amongst relevant news outlets. Of particular interest, was the fact that 18-year olds are more likely to have freedom to choose what they eat than younger teens. 25% of 18-year old Brits say they don't eat meat because they are either vegetarian or vegan. Eating Better will be working with alliance organisations to consider the reasons and implications of this for retailers, producers and policy makers.

Client Testimonial

We have worked with YouGov over several years to find out more about the attitudes and behaviour of adults. With meat consumption and the environment becoming an increasingly hot topic in 2019 we were keen to find out more about understanding and action from 11-18 year olds and were pleased that YouGov were able to support us in this.

Mark Breen, Communications Associate, Eating Better

About the brand

The Eating Better alliance (of over 60 health, animal welfare, environmental and farming organisations) is working to stimulate a 50% reduction in meat and dairy consumption in the UK by 2030, and for a transition to ‘better’ meat and dairy as standard.

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