Malaysians spend almost a quarter of their day on social media
April 30th, 2019, Kim Ho

Malaysians spend almost a quarter of their day on social media

Revealing Malaysian social media usage and habits

Malaysians social media users spend an average of five hours and forty-seven minutes a day across platforms, the latest research from YouGov reveals.

The data shows that one in six (17%) spend more than nine hours a day checking their social media accounts, compared to just 7% who are online for less than an hour. Women are more likely to spend more time checking their social media accounts than men. Two in ten (21%) women spend more than nine hours a day on social media, while only one in ten (11%) of men do.


Although average social media use is high, only a third (37%) of Malaysians think they spend too much time on social media. Women are more likely to think this than men (43% vs. 29%). The remaining half (55%) think they spend just the right amount of time, and just 7% think they spend too little time on social media.

The survey shows that while three in ten (29%) of Malaysians have tried a social media “detox”– staying away from social media for a set period of time – six in ten (60%) are unwilling to permanently delete their accounts, even for money.

WhatsApp is the most used platform in Malaysia, with almost nine in ten (88%) using app at least once a week. This is followed by Facebook (81%), YouTube (74%), Instagram (64%) and Facebook Messenger (40%). The popularity of social media apps does depend on gender. More women prefer using Telegram than men (38% vs. 27%), whereas more men prefer WeChat (27% vs. 17%).

The data finds that Malaysian’s main motivation for going on social media is to stay up to date with news and current events (72%), followed by keeping in touch with friends (69%). Other reasons include to share photos, videos or other content with people (51%), to find funny or engaging content (48%) and to research / find new products to buy (45%).

Jake Gammon, Head of YouGov Omnibus APAC commented: “Malaysians love social media. It is now such an integral part of their lives that the average Malaysian with an account spends almost a quarter of each day on social media platforms. In the age of digital marketing, understanding the relationship consumers have with their social media accounts is essential in reaching those Malaysians who are always on their phones.”