One in four Indonesians use plastic straws daily
March 13th, 2019, Kim Ho

One in four Indonesians use plastic straws daily

Indonesians think consumers have the biggest role to play in reducing plastic waste

Indonesia is the world’s second largest contributor to plastic pollution, and latest YouGov research shows that Indonesians are still big consumers of single-use plastic, with one in four (27%) using plastic straws daily.

One in six (17%) Indonesians admit to using plastic straws several times a day, and one in ten (10%) use them once a day. A third (34%) use them several times a week, and one in ten (9%) use them once a week. Only 3% of Indonesians never use plastic straws.


Although plastic straw use is high, a quarter (25%) of Indonesians own reusable ones. Those with a university degree or higher are more likely than those with qualifications lower than a degree to own one (29% vs. 21%).

The most popular reason for not owning a popular straw is that people not seeing the need to use one (44%). This is followed by people not knowing where to get one (38%), and not owning one but intending to purchase one (21%).

Straws aren’t the only types of single-use plastic. Almost four in ten (36%) of Indonesians also use single-use plastic bags at least once a day. When making a purchase only one in five (22%) ask for no bag, while six in ten (62%) sometimes refuse one, and one in six (16%) always take a plastic bag with their purchase.

Overall, the majority (95%) of Indonesians agree that it is important to conserve the environment, with over eight in ten (86%) thinking it very important, and one in ten (9%) say it is somewhat important. The remaining 5% don’t think it is important.

Indonesians believe that consumers have the biggest role to play in conserving the environment (50% ranked first), followed by the government (29% ranked first) and NGOs (14% ranked first).

Jake Gammon, Head of YouGov Omnibus APAC commented: “While most Indonesians believe that conserving the environment is important, our data shows that many are still relying on single-use plastics on a daily basis. Many appear to realise the actions of their own ways, with half of Indonesian consumers thinking the responsibility of conserving the environment is on themselves.”