Encouraging Scottish air passengers to fly from Manchester Airport
January 31st, 2019, YouGov

Encouraging Scottish air passengers to fly from Manchester Airport

In order to better understand how to position their campaign message to best engage with consumers in Scotland, the Manchester Airports Group contacted YouGov to conduct a research study targeting Scottish adults.

Manchester Airports Group commissioned a survey using the YouGov Regional Omnibus to target an audience of 1,000 consumers aged 18+ in Scotland.

The ultimate objective was for Manchester Airport to use the feedback from Scottish consumers to plan a campaign which targeted people in Scotland to encourage them to fly from Manchester Airport for long haul flights, rather than their competitor airports.

The survey confirmed that to encourage Scottish people to fly from Manchester Airport, there would need to be more information on the ease of travel to Manchester from Scotland, as well as more information on the direct destinations served from Manchester which aren’t served from Scottish Airports. Additionally, the research discovered that discounted travel to the airport/ car parking at the airport and discounted flights would also encourage Scottish people to fly from Manchester.

Client Testimonial

“We wanted to plan an effective campaign in Scotland which made the most of our limited budget to really motivate Scottish consumers to consider flying from Manchester Airport. Rather than just assuming what consumers in Scotland would want to hear and doing the same activity we have done previously, I got in touch with YouGov. The Regional Omnibus service was perfect in helping us get some insight amongst our target audience within a week of me first approaching them. The team helped me pull together the survey questions and got the results turned around extremely quickly so that it didn’t delay the rest of my campaign planning.

The results of the research have helped us to really tailor the campaign message to hone in on key points which will resonate with the Scottish audience. I am now confident that we are using our media spend efficiently and that we will really inspire our audience to take action and see a strong ROI.”

Manchester Airports Group

About the brand

The Manchester Airports Group Plc (M.A.G) is the country’s largest UK-owned airport operator. They own three airports in the UK – Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands, which serve around 42 million passengers per year. Manchester Airport has won industry recognition for customer service and holds the title of “Best UK Airport”.

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