YouGov - Krow Advocacy
August 1st, 2018, YouGov

YouGov - Krow Advocacy

Malcolm White, co-Founder of Krow Communications reveals how his company uses YouGov Omnibus data as their secret weapon to help win pitches and answer critical questions from their clients even as early as the chemistry meeting.

Client Testimonial

“Research is a really important part of how we go about pitching for new business. It gives us a real advantage, you can see in the room, when we reveal we’ve done our own research, the mood changes. We call it our secret weapon.”

Malcolm White, co-Founder at Krow Communications

About Krow

Krow Communications is a full-service creative communications agency who help their clients make leaps to provide real momentum for business success. They provide a range of different services including business strategy, creative advertising, digital, direct and live experience.

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