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Online Shopping & Augmented Reality

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Our world is increasingly shifting online. Whether it’s food, entertainment, connection with friends or shopping you want on demand, there’s an online portal you can use anytime, anywhere.

As digital natives become accustomed to the expected forms of online experience, brands are looking to new technology for innovative ways to add excitement to their consumers’ browsing sessions in the hopes of converting their online enjoyment to sales and profit.

That’s where Augmented Reality, or AR, comes in. It promises a more complete, full sensory experience for the consumer, mimicking the immersive in-person experience of a physical store.

But is the British public interested in shopping using AR? ​

In this framework, we break down the British public into groups based on their sentiment toward shopping with AR and delve into the consumer habits of each group, giving you a more complete idea of what Brits want when it comes to this fusion of retail and technology. Download to find out more.