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Achieving greater attractiveness with HRM2 systematics and Swiss benchmarks

How does your municipality compare with other municipalities? Thanks to our unique nationwide benchmark, you can place your results in a larger context and contribute to the correct positioning of your municipality.

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Increase the attractiveness of your municipality

Make political or infrastructural decisions for the development of your municipality based on the results of representative surveys of the population.

The Municipality Check, developed in collaboration with the Centre for Administrative Management (ZVM) at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, makes it possible to classify the attractiveness of municipalities in Switzerland on the basis of 43 residential characteristics; it is structured according to the basic functions of the Harmonised Accounting Model (HAM2).

The data obtained helps optimise the use of existing budgets for the benefit of the resident population.

Reliable data on the majority opinion

Especially in public debates, it is often difficult to maintain an overview and correctly weigh up majorities:

  • When are exclusive opinions involved?
  • Which views are expressed more quietly, but correspond to those of a majority of residents?

Population surveys provide a well-rounded picture of public opinion and a unique decision-making basis for the needs-based development of your municipality.

Since only the highest quality standards are used, you receive data you can rely on.


The advantages for your municipality

Price-performance ratio

Thanks to a high level of standardisation, you can obtain our basic survey from as little as CHF 10,000.

Clear action portfolios

Clear statements on important topics so that priorities and the need for action can be derived directly.

Benchmark comparison

Place your results in a nationwide comparison with other municipalities.

Quality and experience

Over 30 years of experience with population surveys and over 60 reference studies for the Swiss market.

Minimal effort for you as a municipality

Thanks to comprehensively standardised and automated implementation, the client only has to invest a minimum of time and effort.

Science based

Questionnaire based on HAM2

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