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The most accurate, timely, and relevant polling on current political issues, elections, public affairs, advocacy, and quality of life. Our senior sector specialists apply their expertise to provide fully customized research that brings enormous value to clients.

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Scientific & Academic Research

Full-service survey research for academics, health researchers, policy think-tanks and unique corporate clients. Our highly trained survey methodologists conduct survey research intended for peer-reviewed publications.

Target hard-to-reach populations and conduct survey research on multi-wave panels, cross-national studies and surveys with complex experimentation and embedded media. We provide deep research and analytical experience, supported by a large, diverse panel and innovative sampling methodology.

Our services include research and questionnaire design, pretesting services, sample design, survey fielding, and reporting. Throughout the data collection process, we offer our clients intellectual collaboration to solve problems and tackle difficult research questions.

Political Research

Using our unique panel and online suite of survey tools, we provide a rigorous understanding of the current political landscape.

We are the trusted media partner of CBS News, The Times and The Economist, and our polling numbers are used by those who want the most accurate understanding of what people think about the political issues of the day.

Our services include research and questionnaire design, pretesting, sampling design, fielding, weighting, and analysis reports.

Our researchers have expertise in academia, journalism, and political research, and we apply that experience to help our clients understand the electorate.

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Public Affairs

Implement the best strategies for navigating stakeholder concerns by leveraging a full cycle methodological research approach. This approach measures sentiment towards policies and issues, identifies core audiences, shapes campaign communications, and tracks public policy program effectiveness.

In the advocacy space, the Public Affairs team has created a concise profile of what defines an advocate. Get actionable insights into what motivates advocates to take action, how and where to find these groups, and how to speak to them.

We ensure clients successfully attain program goals and help them understand any disconnects they may have with the public on a specific issue or cause.

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