Automotive CategoryView

Powerful automotive market intelligence, combining brand, audience, and sector-specific insights.

Automotive CategoryView offers in-depth market insights to enhance your understanding of key audiences and drive brand growth.

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A complete view of the market

Utilize automotive context and a holistic view of brand performance to understand market trends, shifts, and patterns and how they affect your brand.

With Automotive CategoryView, understand topics such as:

The uptake of EVs: Uncover driving and charging behaviour, why consumers are choosing EV over gas powered vehicles, and identify potential EV customers.

Car size shifts: Learn which consumers are shifting towards more compact vehicles and why. Understand their driving habits and behaviors.

Auto related essentials: From gas station visits to auto services, understand consumers’ visiting habits, frequency, and brand considerations.

Automotive CategoryView product imagery

Elevate your marketing strategy

Understand your brand and monitor growth, get to know your consumers on a deeper level, and track industry trends to stay ahead of competition.

Comprehensive brand analysis: Connect sector-specific insights with media & communication, purchase funnel, and brand perception metrics to effectively measure your brand’s equity against competitors.

Understand your consumers: Understand the considerations, drivers, and barriers influencing car choices for more informed strategic planning.

Identify emerging trends: Spot trends to stay ahead of the competition and be ready for what’s coming next.


Enhance your auto market insights

Build your brand

Use our sector-specific insights to pinpoint potential customers and refine your marketing strategies.

Competitive edge

Stay ahead of your competitors with a comprehensive view of your sector, enhancing your brand’s market positioning.

Interactive dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard facilitates easy cross-tabulation and filtering by key metrics and demographics.

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