US: Most in-demand TV & Film for April 1-15, 2023
April 30th, 2023, Clifton Mark

US: Most in-demand TV & Film for April 1-15, 2023

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, John Wick 4 and Beef are the most in-demand titles in the US for the first half of April. The chart below comes from YouGov Signal, a social listening tool that tracks the performance of TV programs, movies and brands. Appetite Score is a value from 0-100 and measures the demand for given titles by combining web searches and Wikipedia lookups. Here are the titles with the highest peak Appetite Scores among American audiences in the past two weeks:

The Super Mario Bros Movie, released on April 5, is the most in-demand title in the US for the first half of April. Based on the beloved video-game franchise, the film was released to audience glee, critical indifference and a worldwide box-office bonanza for Universal Pictures. The animated film nudged John Wick 4 to number two, with the original John Wick moving to number 7, impressive for a movie that was originally released in 2014.

Netflix series Beef has entered the most in-demand list at number three. The dark comedy-drama follows an escalating feud between two strangers after a near accident in a parking lot.

YouGov Signal’s social listening tool shows an enthusiastic online discourse about the show. Expressed sentiment is 77% positive and joy is the emotion by far most associated with Beef, with plenty of praise for stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, as well as for the writing and direction.

John Wick 4 and John Wick have fallen a couple of spots over the past four weeks but both have remained on the top ten list. Post-apocalyptical drama The Last of Us has fallen to ninth place from number 2 during March 16-31 and from number 1 in the first half of March. It’s impressive that the show remains on the most in-demand list given that the season concluded on March 13, weeks before the current period began.

The UEFA Champions League is back on the list at number five after two weeks below the top ten.

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