Global travel & tourism report 2022: Youth of today, travel of tomorrow

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A great opportunity lies ahead, with data showing that propensity to travel in the next 12 months is at its highest among the younger generation of 18-24 years old. Gen Zs are the first digital natives where physical and digital life coexists. This cohort will make the big transition between student life and financial independence in the next few years. ​

This YouGov report sets out to understand Gen Zs globally, explore what’s important to them and what makes them tick, reveal what Gen Zs want from travel, and identify the best way to connect and engage with this future generation of travelers.

  • Understand this dynamic generation; what influences and motivates them, their core values, and attitudes, in order to define how this will shape their travel behavior. ​
  • What sets Gen Z travelers apart? ​The types and number of vacations they aspire to, their overall attitude to travel and where they seek travel inspiration.
  • How to engage and connect with the future Gen Z traveler? Their interaction with the media, what they expect from advertising, the importance of social media in their lives, how they gather information for their travel decisions and if it is time for Gen Z to travel in the metaverse!