Exercising and Dieting

New Years Resolutions: Exercise and Diet Report

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More than 1 in 3 Americans agree that diet is part of their fitness and working out to stay fit is important.

Americans are frequently encouraged by the approaching new year to assess their habits and make plans for positive improvements in terms of their eating habits and workout regimens. In this report we unleash:

  • Consumers who are dieting and working out to stay fit in 2023
  • The behavioral pattern of the diet and fitness conscious target segment
  • Fitness related brands they consider
  • Snacks they recommend


The insights in this report are drawn by segmenting 256 million American adults by their responses to fitness and diet questions. We have extracted this research from our global connected data YouGov Profiles, which enables audience segmentation and profiling by analyzing 1 million consumer attributes that we collect on a continuing basis.