Custom Trackers

Dynamic, integrated performance monitoring

Stay one step ahead. Analyze your brand and benchmark against your competitors by adding on custom ‘why’ questions to our continuous brand tracking, to interpret data with accurate context.

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Brand health and reputation tracking

Monitor your brand and competitors with best-in-class intelligence. Supplement regular tracking with bespoke focused modules to dive deeper into key brand drivers.

Get bespoke and comprehensive data, designed and delivered by our research experts using re-contact-based methodology.

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Campaign effectiveness tracking

Measure campaign effectiveness with multiple solutions – from emotional response to multi-channel brand and ad perception.

Transform your communication strategy and inform channel investment.

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Satisfaction tracking

Identify and diagnose the true pain points of customer experience. Enhance customer advocacy at overall relationship and transactional levels.

Get ahead of your competitors with market-wide performance measurement.


Unlock your competitive advantage


Make decisions grounded by responses from your target audience and the wider market

Insight driven

Drive investments with a highly tuned understanding of your brand and competitive advantage

Living data

React fast with robust, dynamic research augmented by the world’s biggest connected dataset

Success stories

Why YouGov?

Take a note from the businesses who know their brand.

“YouGov BrandIndex let us quickly, accurately and objectively show the positive brand impact that our FIFA World Cup advertising partners obtained.”

- Dan Urban, Vice President of Ad Sales Research, FOX Sports

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