America’s most-streamed TV, June 2023: Manifest, Never Have I Ever and Black Mirror
July 28th, 2023, Clifton Mark

America’s most-streamed TV, June 2023: Manifest, Never Have I Ever and Black Mirror

Manifest, Never Have I Ever and Black Mirror are the three most-streamed shows in America for June 2023. The data comes from YouGov Stream, which is an opt-in online behaviour tracker which collects global viewership data from a panel of more than 160,000 activated accounts. The chart below shows how many views and viewers each title had on the platform where it was most popular.  The chart also shows the average number of views per viewer (Vs/Vr), which is an indicator of how much consumers are bingeing a particular title.

Netflix has the top five most-streamed titles for June. After a third-season cliffhanger in 2021, NBC cancelled Manifest. Netflix rescued the supernatural airplane drama, ordering a fourth and final season. This looks like a smart move since the show’s finale made it the most-streamed title in America for June, 2023.

The fourth season of Mindy Kaling’s semi-autobiographical comedy Never Have I Ever was released on June eighth, to an eager reception. With 191.6m views from 31m viewers, the show was the second most-streamed and the most-binged show in America last month.

Charlie Brooker’s tech-dystopian anthology Black Mirror, garnered 139m views from 31m viewers. This is impressive as the season only has five episodes compared to ten for Never Have I Ever. 

Schwarzenegger action-comedy FUBAR climbed four spots to become the fifth most-streamed title, while soccer comedy Ted Lasso dropped two spots.

One documentary made the top ten list for June. Shiny Happy People from Amazon Prime Video explores the secrets of the Duggar family and their involvement with Christian fundamentalist organization, the Institute in Basic Life Principles. The Duggar family were the stars of TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting. With only four episodes, the documentary was streamed 57.9m times in June.

Most-streamed titles May, 2023

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Methodology: YouGov Stream is an audience streaming tracker, monitoring reported streaming attitudes and behaviours with verified SVOD & AVOD viewership data across multiple streaming services. It is backed by 160,000 activated accounts and the ability to connect to YouGov’s panel of 22 million+ registered members.