UAE: What New Year’s resolutions are people setting for 2023?
February 1st, 2023, Janice Fernandes

UAE: What New Year’s resolutions are people setting for 2023?

The New Year brings a new set of resolutions, and goals people hope to accomplish. In this article, we get an insight into what UAE adults are most looking to improve in the year ahead and how they differ across age and gender.

Polling data shows that overall, UAE residents are the most likely of all consumers to set New Year’s resolutions. Only around one in 20 UAE consumers (4%) say they don’t plan to make any of these resolutions. In Europe and North America, that share goes up nearly six times (25% and 21%, respectively).

Overall, physical health will take priority in 2023, with 51% of global respondents saying they plan to improve their health. Consumers in the rest of the world also follow the same direction – APAC (59%), North America (52%), and Europe (46%). However, people in the UAE are more concerned about managing their money in the new year (57%), with wanting to improve their physical health (54%) and mental health (45%) rounding up the top three most likely resolutions people in the UAE plan to make this year.

Another popular resolution is spending more time with friends and family (33%). This resolution is more prevalent among older people, with over half of those aged between 45-54 years old (52%) and those over 55 (53%) identifying this as their resolution for the new year.

Over a third of UAE adults want to spend less time on their phone (35%).  Women (39%) are more likely than men (33%) to say they plan to reduce the amount of time they spend on their phone. The digital detox extends to social media too, with 31% of UAE adults planning to spend less time on such platforms.

In 2023, 33% of consumers say they plan to travel more. Almost a third of consumers (29%) say they intend to make more sustainable purchases this year, and 15% intend to reduce/ stop drinking alcohol.

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