How a major TV broadcaster measured brand impact associated with events via YouGov Surveys
July 21st, 2021, Frances Johnson

How a major TV broadcaster measured brand impact associated with events via YouGov Surveys


Quantify brand impact of major tentpole events for program sponsors.


Rapid pre and post surveys measuring the brand impact of live broadcast events.


The survey data collected enabled the client to demonstrate the value associated with broadcast events


Business challenge

The objective of the client, an American media and entertainment conglomerate, was to gauge sponsorship effectiveness across major programs such as award shows and sporting events. They wanted to investigate the effect of having sponsorships that are associated with multiple broadcast events to see if there is an impact from multiple exposures.

Another key objective was to deliver data-backed proof to sponsers to demonstrate the value in being associated with their broadcast events.


In order to measure brand metrics and panelist sentiment towards award shows, pre and post surveys across exposed vs unexposed groups were run using YouGov Surveys: Self-serve, a 24/7 selfservice research platform with exceptional speed. The survey content included:

  • How respondents watched the event
  • If any properties were visited on social media after/during the event
  • Sponsorship unaided awareness
  • Aided awareness
  • Lower funnel metrics

With the ability to re-contact respondents, YouGov Surveys: Self-serve can contact individuals planning to watch specific events and measure sentiment both prior to and after the event. As a result of this, the client has expanded their project from award shows to also include sporting events.

Being able to recontact respondents and have the background data on the panellists, as well as results delivered in as little as 1 hour, was instrumental for the client to achieve their objectives.YouGov Surveys: Self-serve was also implemented by the client to test sponsorship social media posts across Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter via a social media campaign tracker which tracked campaign effectiveness and levels of interactions with CTA links.



The findings from the pre and post surveys quantified the rise and fall in specific brand metrics. The exposed vs unexposed data allowed the client to stat test the results to see if there are significant differences in brand metrics across those who watched the shows or events and those who didn’t.

The results from the YouGov Surveys: Self-serve surveys enabled the client to demonstrate to their sponsors that their events provide a space that improves brand sentiment, as well as lower funnel metrics like consideration and purchase intent.

Due to the success of the project, the client has added more team members to the YouGov Surveys: Self-serve tool, allowing more departments to take advantage of the rapid research and A/B testing of social media posts as well as other pre and post surveys.

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