Global Best Brand Rankings 2021

Global Best Brand Rankings 2021

Our data:

The YouGov Global Best Brand Rankings 2021 are calculated using the Index score from our flagship YouGov BrandIndex tool.

YouGov BrandIndex tracks every brand’s performance daily against a range of metrics, with our Index score comprising the average score of 6 key brand health metrics: Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend and Reputation.

YouGov BrandIndex draws data from interviews with our 17 million+ registered panel members across 40 sectors and more than 55 countries globally. This year’s ranking includes consumer views from across 54 markets, including USA, China, Germany, India and the UK, and many more.

Want to see how other markets compare? Our annual rankings highlights the top 10 recommended brands across 54 markets and top 10 most improved brands across 40 markets.

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