YouGov Framework: Australians' attitudes to investing

The pandemic setback has seen the light in most of the globe's nations. The world seems to regain its heartbeat and consumers' confidence starts to return.

Consumers are looking for opportunities to restore their saving and investment portfolios after last year's economic downturn, including Aussies. Understanding consumer attitudes towards investing has never been more important.

Using YouGov Profiles data, YouGov has developed a framework designed to help marketers better understand the profile of Aussies with investable assets and their varying propensity to invest.

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What you'll discover:

Using a total adult population in Australia with investable assets (70% of the total online representative adult population in Australia), YouGov segmented them based on the value of the investable assets they have and the extent to which they look for profitable ways to invest money.

The segments have then been profiled to reveal the attitudes and behavioural traits of each group.

Download the full framework and segment profiles.