Teen Profiles

Authentic insights from 13–17-year-olds, as told by them

Future-proof your marketing with valuable insights from US teenagers. Get actionable data on the current views and behaviors of young people, including media use, gaming, sports, retail, online habits, and more; the intelligence everything you need to optimize your campaigns for maximum effect.

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Access quality, opt-in data

Engage directly with 13-17-year-olds living in the US via their responses to a varied, age-appropriate survey covering everything that matters to them  – and you.

Powered by YouGov's proprietary messaging tech, YouGov Chat, meaning that respondents never have to leave their digital home turf.

Unlock valuable insights on how to reach your target teen audience in the right place at the right time, ensuring your campaigns land with impact.

Get ahead of the curve

Get real answers to essential questions directly from young people – not 3rd party speculation.

Keep up with today’s hot topics and ensure your brand has a voice in the conversation. Get to know tomorrow’s tastemakers before they’re even on your competitors’ radar, with monthly data updates.

Discover what’s driving the latest trends, with key topics including attitudes towards brands, gaming, esports, digital media, influencers and sports.  All with fully opt-in, CCPA and GDPR compliant user data.


Future-proof your strategy:

Direct responses

Teenagers are surveyed directly, answering questions spanning a broad, always-relevant, range of topics.

Lead the way

Stay on top of rapidly changing cultural shifts, new trends, rising influencers and everything else young people care about.

Unlock actionable insights

Inform your campaign strategy with robust, authentic data intelligence, on the approach that will best grab young people’s attention.


YouGov Teen Profiles data is updated every month, so you can keep ahead of today's trends and see tomorrow's as they develop.

Segment-relevant sample

Discover what’s driving the latest trends with key survey foci including attitudes towards brands, gaming, esports, digital media, influencers and sports.

Intuitive data analysis platform

Easily access and dig deeply into your data within our easy-to-use, proprietary, powerful data analysis platform: YouGov Crunch.

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