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Build a portrait of your consumers’ entire world with unrivaled granularity.
49 markets worldwide, 24 million registered members & 2 million+ data variables

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Find your perfect audience.

👉 Create a detailed portrait of them. Choose from millions of data variables, collected daily and updated weekly, including brand usage and perception, hobbies and interests, and media.

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Ola Sandberg, Brand Strategy & Market Insight Manager, E.ON Nordics Sweden

"YouGov has been our trusted data and insights partner for over 10 years. Their connected data solutions are very intuitive and user friendly and have become essential tools for us when working on our market strategy"

Gradient background showing 12 individual human profiles on the right connected to a wider group of data points reflected by dots – suggesting targeting specific audiences.

Why YouGov Profiles?

📈 Weekly updates: Data refreshed every week, for the most relevant data.

Flexible: Create unique custom filters and variables to find what's most useful for your business.

🤝🏻 Collaborative: Share datasets and custom filters, externally or with your team, quickly and easily.

💡 Smart: YouGov uses Z-scores to automatically highlight the important variables that distinguish groups.

⚙️ Customizable: Use YouGov Re-Contact to get in touch with respondents to ask further questions, or run your own surveys and feed the results straight into YouGov Profiles.

Unrivaled audience intelligence

Explore demographic, psychographic, attitudinal & behavioral consumer metrics with YouGov Profiles — an ever-growing source of living data, helping you understand your audience!

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24hr cloud platform

Safely stored in our cloud-based, high performance data store.

Easy and interactive

Simple drag-and-drop interface for easy data access.

Research intuitive

Multiple modes of analysis including: group comparison, tables, graphs, and multitables to help you get the most from your data.